Best Time of Year To Trim Trees In Biloxi

Best Time of Year To Trim Trees In Biloxi

Those trees in your backyard provide a beautiful landscape and shade from the scorching summer heat in Biloxi. Their shape, size, and color add aesthetic value to your property. However, if neglected, they can overgrow out of shape, affecting their appearance.

Tree trimming is essential to keep them looking attractive and healthy. But before you call a professional arborist, look at the calendar. You might not know it, but there is an ideal time to trim your trees.

Here, we’ll briefly review the best time to trim trees in Biloxi.

The Best Time of Year for Tree Trimming in Biloxi

Generally, late winter is the best time of the year to trim your trees. That means around March and April in Biloxi. Here is why.

During the cold months, trees enter a state of dormancy, where they slow down their growth rate. It is the perfect time to trim them since it won’t affect their natural growth. It also won’t cause them significant stress.

Trimming trees during late winter reduces the impact on their health. That is because, at this time of the year, no bugs, such as aphids and scales, are eating away at the fresh wounds. These tiny insects are most active during summer, moving from one tree to another, feeding on the sap from cuts. They not only delay the healing process, but they also introduce diseases.

Exceptions to Late Winter Trimming

While late winter is a rule of thumb for tree trimming, there are exceptions. For instance, some trees require trimming after they have bloomed in spring or summer. That’s because cutting them too early can remove buds or damage them. (1)

The result is a reduced number of flowers and sometimes no flowers. Seek advice from a professional arborist. They will guide you on the best time to trim your specific tree species for optimal results.

Work With Professional

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