Do You Need A Permit For Tree Removal in Biloxi?

Do You Need A Permit For Tree Removal in Biloxi?

Generally, you do not need a permit for tree removal in Biloxi. However, you may require one if you’re to remove a protected tree. But while you are free to remove a tree for various reasons, you need a professional company with years of experience.

Reasons for Tree Removal in Biloxi

You may require tree removal for various reasons. They include:


While the large trees in your backyard look great, they can be hazardous. For example, a diseased or decaying tree threatens you and your family and may damage your property. It may fall on your house or car or even on electric lines.

While you don’t need a permit for tree removal in Biloxi, you definitely need a professional arborist. Usually, certified companies have the equipment and experience to cut down trees even if they are in a trick location, such as next to your house. They also have the expertise to ensure the whole process is safe and does not damage anything.

Storm Damage

Biloxi is no stranger to storms and hurricanes. These extreme weather conditions often have a devastating effect on large and small trees. At All Expert Tree Care, we have dealt with hundreds of broken trees that fall after a heavy storm.

Storm-damaged trees often fall on nearby buildings, vehicles, or power lines and, even worse, block walkways and roads. You don’t need a permit for such cases. You only need a professional company to remove the fallen tree quickly and safely. And you want someone with the equipment to cut it into manageable pieces and remove it from your property without causing any further damage.

Expansion or Construction

You may want to expand your home, build a new structure such as a shed, or even construct a pool. Or you may have bought some land to develop. In either case, trees may be an obstacle, especially if they are right where you want to put up a structure. Other times, their invasive roots impact the foundation of your building.

In such cases, you need a professional to assess and determine whether tree removal is necessary. If so, they can remove it safely without causing any damage to nearby structures or disturbing utility lines.

Let Us Remove Your Trees Safely

Tree removal is a delicate process that can sometimes be dangerous and requires expertise and experience. At All Expert Tree Care, we have years of experience in tree removal in Biloxi. We also work in Gulfport, Ocean Springs, Latimer, and Long Beach, as well as the surrounding areas. We have certified arborists and the right equipment to handle any tree situation with no issues. Contact us today via phone ((228) 297-2229) or email for a free quote.

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