Keep Trees Ready For Hurricanes

Keep Trees Ready For Hurricanes

Hurricanes can be devastating, causing widespread destruction, especially in areas with tall trees. Under immense pressure from winds, trees can easily uproot and fall onto power lines and houses, causing extensive damage. In some extreme cases, they pose a significant risk to public safety.

Of course, it is not possible to completely prevent tree-related damage during a hurricane. However, at All Expert Tree Care, we help you take proactive measures to reduce the impact of this natural disaster. Here is how to keep trees ready for hurricanes.

Prune Trees With Thick Canopy

One of the best ways to keep trees ready for hurricanes is by pruning them. A thick canopy can act as a sail, catching the wind and exerting more pressure on the tree’s trunk and roots. The end result is a broken or uprooted tree.

It is crucial to regularly prune trees and thin out their canopy to allow wind to flow through. It will not only reduce the wind load but also improve the overall health of the tree.

Trim Trees Regularly

Regular trimming can also help keep trees ready for hurricanes. A professional trim helps remove dead and weak branches that can break off during a heavy storm. These are the branches that fly off and hit your car or damage your windows.

Tree trimming also promotes air circulation within the tree canopy. It also reduces weight, creating a balance and making it less susceptible to wind damage. It helps the trunk maintain balance and prevents it from swaying excessively during strong winds.

Cut Trees Away From Your House And Power Lines

It is essential to have a clear distance between trees, your house, and power lines. As tree service experts, we have witnessed severe damage caused by trees falling onto houses. Sometimes, a single tree can cause power outages for an entire neighborhood.

We highly recommend cutting trees away from your house and power lines while considering their potential height and spread. It will minimize the impact in case the tree falls during a hurricane. (1)

Hire Professionals From All Expert Tree Care

As professional tree service providers, we have seen firsthand the devastating effects of hurricanes on trees. We work with homeowners to protect lives and property by preparing trees for hurricanes. Our company services Biloxi, Mobile, Pascagoula, Long Beach, and the surrounding communities. Contact us at (228) 297-2229 or complete our online form to request a free service quote.

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