Tree Trimming Tips

Tree Trimming Tips

Trimming your trees ensures your Biloxi home’s yard looks great and fresh. But it also extends beyond aesthetic appeal. For instance, it helps keep the trees healthy and prevents damage to your property and power lines.

But how do you ensure your tree gets proper trimming? Here, we’ll briefly discuss a few tree trimming tips to help you get started.

Sharp Shears

The first tree trimming tip is sharp shears. It might seem like a low priority, but having sharp shears is essential to retaining a healthy tree.

Those trees on your Biloxi property are living organisms, and by cutting off branches, you wound them. However, a sharp shear ensures minimum cell damage and less stress to the tree. On the other hand, a blunt one can damage the tree and leave it open to disease.

Time of Year

The second tree trimming tip is to be mindful of the time of year you’re maintaining your trees. That’s because the season can significantly affect the health of your trees.

For instance, insect pests like borers tunnel, feed under tree bark and destroy water & sap-conducting tissues during summer. They can spread diseases by moving from one infected tree to another through the open wounds created after trimming.

The best time of the year to trim your trees is late winter. And in Biloxi, that means from late January. This dormant season gives your trees time to heal without the risk of infection. (1)

Hire a Professional Tree Service Company

Tree trimming is not as easy as it might seem. It poses a lot of risks to your safety and property. It also requires specialized equipment such as:

  • Chainsaw
  • Pole pruner
  • Loppers
  • Sharp shears
  • Hand saws
  • Various safety equipment

Additionally, tree trimming also needs skilled labor. You can only get all this when working with a professional tree service company. At All Expert Tree Care, we have the experience and equipment to ensure the process goes safely and successfully.

We have certified arborists who understand that your tree’s health is paramount. As a leading tree service company in Biloxi, we are sure to exceed your expectations.

We are privileged to serve Biloxi, Mobile, Gulfport, Pascagoula, and Ocean Springs, as well as the nearby communities. Call us today via email or phone (228) 297-2229 to request a quote.

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