Emergency Tree Service

Emergency Tree Service

Living in Biloxi means you’re no stranger to extreme weather conditions such as Hurricanes and tropical storms. They can wreak havoc on your trees, leading to potentially dangerous situations.

While the weather is predictable, you never know what can happen to your trees during these extreme conditions. That’s why it’s essential to contact a trusted tree service provider for emergencies.

We offer emergency tree services at All Expert Tree Care to rescue you from those unfortunate events. Our team is available 24/7 and can quickly assess the situation and offer a solution as soon as possible.

Situations That Call For Emergency Tree Services

Deciding to contact a tree service provider for an emergency doesn’t have to be after a major storm has hit. There are a variety of situations that would require an emergency tree service provider, including:

Abnormal leaning. If you notice a slight lean of your tree towards a building or pathway, take caution and contact a qualified contractor. If ignored, your tree can cause severe damage to the surrounding area or cause injury to people.

Decaying roots. The root system provides structural stability to the tree. If there is visible damage or rot at the base of the trunk, it’s time to make that call. Take action before a strong wind comes and brings down the tree on buildings or people.

Fungus at the roots. Another situation that could spell trouble is the presence of certain types of fungus at the base of your tree. While it’s not always, fungi such as mushrooms can be a sign of internal rot or root disease.

Close to power lines. Tree branches can grow too close to power lines. When that happens, electricity can arc on the wet tree foliage, especially when it’s raining, causing property damage or power failure. Ideally, trees should be at least 11 feet away. Contact an arborist for emergency tree trimming or removal to avoid such problems.

Dead branches. Large dead branches are a safety hazard to everyone and everything. Strong winds or heavy rains can send them crashing houses, cars, or people.

Hollow trunk. Sometimes you may notice that your tree is still alive but is hollow inside. It’s a fact that the outside of the tree can live longer than the inside. Such situations need emergency tree removal less they end up causing damage to your surrounding area. (1)

Storm damage. The most common emergency issue is the aftermath of a bad storm. Storms can cause trees to topple, break branches, and even open up wounds on the trunk. After an extreme weather event, it’s essential to call a tree service provider right away.

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At All Expert Tree Care, we handle all emergencies with the utmost care and professionalism. We have a ready team that can quickly assess your situation and effectively averts any potential dangers. Call us at (228) 297-2229 for assistance.

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